Blog post with video film review



Communication in foreign languages
Communication in the mother tongue
Digital competence
Learning to learn
Social and civic competences
Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
Cultural awareness and expression


- Questions and answers in the present simple, past simple and present perfect
- Adjectives


- At the movies 
- Describing films
- Types of films
- Character adjectives



1) Film and cinema vocabulary at ESOL courses

3) Watch a video and learn about types of films:



5) Choose 10 questions and and answer them


6) Adjectives with Michelle Henry

8) English on tour video: Wh questions

9) Listening comprehension: Watch a short video from this list  and answer the questions about it in a google drive doc and share it with mum and Irene or Pablo.

1 What was the topic of the film?
2 What was the filmmaker trying to tell us? Was he/she successful?
3 What did you like best about the film? Why?
4 Was there something you did not understand in the film?
5 Who was your favorite character? Why?
6 Who was your least favorite character? Why?
7 Select an action that one of the characters performed. Why did the character take that particular action?
8 Rate it from 1 to 10 and say why

10) Writing a blog post with video film review

This summer we' re watching several films. Pick up one and write a film review post on this blog using this guideline:

  • Title of the film review
  • Actors, director, year, type of film, awards
  • Plot: where, when, who are the characters, brief description
  • what makes it interesting, best part why,
  • Who would like it and why
  • Rate it from 1 to 10 and say why
Use trailers, photographs, interesting links, images , other critics and ratings etc.

You can find here many examples of reviews to get inspiration for the blog entry 
Use tubechops to create a video with cuts from Youtube

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