PROJECT TITLE: A digital poster in Glogster:  My summer 


  • Grammar and usage: like, can, present simple, present continuous, going to future, want to, the imperative.
  • Vocabulary: Everyday activities, Summer, Cameras, Computers, Places in town,  Numbers Countries and nationalities,  Common objects , Verb phrases,  Jobs ,The family  Common adjectives , Daily routine ,Times and dates,More verb phrases ,Go, have, get ,Flats and houses , Town and city , Food.
  • Photography
  • Glogster application


Language activities 

  1. New English File Elementary Online (OUP)
  2. ESL Interactive Grammar Games
  3. Vocabulary at manythings.com
  4. Write and Chat: Akinator-  Ask the talking robot about the summer -  Talk to Oliver-  Cleverboat.com
  5. ONLINE SUMMER COMPUTER GAMES :a)Miniclip games   b) Fupa games   c) Summer games for girls   d) Daily Free Games
  6. Songs: 

ICT activities:

CRAFT activities

Design your t-shirt:


  • Step 1 
  • Step 2 
  • Step 3 
  • Final step: Creating the poster


  • Language written test:
  • Evaluation Google form

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