PROJECT: Making Cupcakes

Read about cupcakes  and answer the questions

How do British call this cake?
How do Australians call it?
How do Americans call it?


1) Watch the video and learn the vocabulary  

2) Another video

3) Let' s practice the vocabulary before we go into the kitchen

4) Food exercises at Agenda Web 

Second Step : Cupcakes

1) Watch the video and write down the ingredients. We check what we have at home and write the shopping list of the ingredients we don' t have. Then, we are going shopping.

2) Now we are going to watch this video, pause it and cook our cupcakes in the kitchen.

3) While we cook, we are going to take pictures of all the moments of the recipe and make a Smilebox creation with the recipe. After, we will embed it in a blog entry.

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